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Melbourne Exhibition & Convention Centre, 1 Convention Centre
Place Melbourne. Thursday 21st November, 2013. Read More>>

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Welcome to Eros Shine Awards

The EROS Shine Awards is a glamorous industry-recognised awards night which celebrates both the erotic arts and adult businesses. However the event provides plenty of breaks into mainstream erotic fashion, music, performance and 'body politics'.

The Awards recognises excellence and achievement among businesses which provide services or products that are mainly 'adults only'. Like retailers of adult media and toys, online dating sites, burlesque schools, performers and producers, erotic dance and music, gentlemen's clubs, sex shops, performers and peformance artists of the risque variety, pole dance schools, fetish and fantasy costume and lingerie, adult party plan and online adult retail businesses.

As well as recognising hard work and talent, our awards night also shines a light on businesses that are often excluded or shunned by mainstream business awards, because they dare to deal in sex. Awards will be given for professionalism, innovation, leadership, integrity, imagination, creativity and the promotion of positive role models.


The Eros Shine Awards for 2014 will now be held in February 2015. The date has been changed from its usual spot in November to allow a full year’s trading or performance to be evaluated each year and then rewarded at the beginning of the next year.  Nominations for the February 2015 show will be opening soon, so stay tuned for further details.


Congratulations to the winners of past Eros Shine Awards. Read more >>